Articles tagged "Linux"

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Post Installation Task For Boot and Other Items!

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Innerwebs Article

Can't Boot After Autoremove..Arrrgh!

What the Fu*k!?!? Fu*k! Fu*k! Fu*k!

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Patch, Patch, Patch!

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The stupid simple way!

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(Supports Business, Personal Accounts and other services too!)

Surface Go - Fix Wireless for Linux!

MS Loves Linux We Prove It! Works on most Ubuntnu/Debian distributions and the almighty Arch/Manjaro!

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 & HP Pavilion Desktop 595-P0074 - Fix Wireless for Linux!

The latest generation Lenovo's & HP's will not have wireless this!

Encrypt your Cloud Storage

Don't stop with cloud storage...ENCRYPT EVERYTHING!

Why does decentralization matter?

decentralization, noun: The dispersion or distribution of functions and powers; The delegation of power from a central authority to regional and local authorities.