Welcome to Organized Chaos Rebooted!

Also known as Organized.Chaos X and Whatever Else I Call it Today!

Organized Chaos...Rebooted! the consolidation of multiple micro blogs. First and foremost it's a site for me to collect my notes! But I realized that it is so rewarding to share. Hopefully I may save someone sometime in research if your system is down or you are interested in any of the topics.

OC-R (Organized Chaos Rebooted)...is a collection of tips, tricks and information I've come across, researched, and have used personally as I journey through the technology world.

But as with everything good, there is also the bad. As I am consolidating blogs we'll be spending some time together on The right to privacy and the right of a secure computing culture (#fuckgoogle & #fuckfacebook anyone?).  Through advocacy and information sharing we can change the world. By additionally sharing these writings to help further your journey of being a fellow privacy advocate and an infosec & nixnerd!

--G. Love

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